Claire Moore has been my trainer for the last 8 years. During that time I have found her to be a highly skilled, responsible and fun professional. As a former school principal I have hired hundreds of people and been in the position of evaluating their skills and abilities. I have found Claire to have excellent credentials, a keen understanding of the body's structure and highly developed repertoire of exercise and workout routines.

As a very tall woman, who tried for years to be shorter, I had several postural issues to deal with. These issues saw me falling often, developing a dowager's hump in my back, as well as hip problems. Claire's expert analysis established a program that targeted these problem areas in a comprehensive manner with exercises that were developmental in nature, built on my strength level and made the workout fun. As an exercise-adverse person that was not and easy task to accomplish. At this point my back is straight, my falling has been eliminated, as has my hip problems. In fact, my program with Claire is the only form of consistent exercise that I have ever followed.

Claire is an expert trainer who is a leader among trainers. I treasure the time we workout together.


Respectfully submitted,

Miriam Klein